The German shipyard Dehler was founded in 1963 by Willi Dehler. From the beginning, Dehler had the following idea: to create a fast and safe hull for the sporty family. So Dehler invented the cruiser-racer, which spread all over the world and also made a name for itself at regattas. Today, the Dehlers are the best expression of this concept: fast, comfortable and safe boats for cruising from 4 to 40 knots. Simply beautiful.

Dehler 29

The 29 is the first cruiser-racer in the series. Four places, open interior, pin steering. A day cruiser that has all the requirements for even more challenging sailing.

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Dehler 30 One Design

The 30 is a one-design that presents itself as a pure racing boat: 2.8 t displacement and state-of-the-art composite materials make this hull a rocket made only for racing and winning.

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Dehler 34

The name “34” carries the great heritage of the first cruiser-racer born in the early 1980s. Today, it best expresses the basic ideas of the brand: 10.5 metres fully utilised to sail with pleasure, comfort and safety.

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Dehler 38 SQ

The 38 is now in its second version, the SQ. Speed and quality are the two terms that already say everything about this model, which is ideal for very demanding adjustments: Carbon mast, square mainsail, lead keel for sporty family cruising and racing.

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Dehler 42

With the 42 you think big: up to 6 berths with two bathrooms and storage space for versatile sailing, always with the unmistakable Dehler style: speed, stability on the wave, full comfort in all conditions.

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Dehler 46 SQ

The Dehler 46 SQ is the flagship of the fleet. A 14-metre hull that allows you to cover hundreds of miles in complete comfort, always at high speed and never with the discomfort of an overpowered boat. The classic perfect balance that only Dehler can offer at this level.

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