Nautigamma was founded in 1980 in Aprilia Marittima by Antonio Dalmas, successor to the generation of ship owners and captains from Lošinj, including the Cosulich and Martinolich families.

The sea continues to flow in their veins. Antonio Dalmas is the son of powerboat world champion Pierpaolo Dalmas, grandson of Lucio Bayer, the technical director of the famous Alpa shipyard and world champion in the one-ton cup with the legendary Admiral Agostino Straulino, descendant of the famous yacht designer Artù Chiggiato, but above all great-grandson of Augusto Hreglich, a pioneer of Italian sailing. Commander Hreglich, ship owner and captain, born in Lošinj towards the end of the 19th century, spent a lifetime at sea, was president of the Adriaco Club in Trieste from 1909 to 1910 and of the Compagnia della Vela in Venice from 1923 to 1930.

This glorious and long-standing seafaring tradition has shaped Nautigamma’s philosophy and approach.

For more than forty years, Nautigamma has been active in the international brokerage business for the sale of top class sailing and motor yachts. During these years Antonio Dalmas has worked as a broker for Adria, for 20 years for Sanlorenzo and for 25 years for Hallberg Rassy.

Another strength of the company are the shipyards it represents. The Hanse Group shipyards: Moody throughout Italy, Dehler and Hanse along the adria coast.  As well as Contest, Pegasus Yachts, Cantiere delle Marche and YYachts.

The company also collaborates with the best Italian and international shipyards.

Nautigamma also deals with the sale of used sailing and motor yachts and, thanks to its great experience, guarantees maximum reliability and safety in the purchase.

Nautigamma’s staff are all people with many years of experience in the nautical sector and are true enthusiasts and sailors.

They include Filppo Matronola, an experienced sailor who has completed several ocean crossings, and Antonio Pezzoni, a lifelong sailing enthusiast who specialises in electronic instruments for essential navigation and more.

Nautigamma’s services include deliveries and warranty processing for new yachts, consultancy services and technical support for nautical practices.

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