In a spectacular presentation, Pegasus Yachts‘ much-awaited latest creation, named “Maya”, was officially launched last September. The P50 Globe model is a stunning silver grey beauty, marking a significant milestone for Pegasus Yachts and the entire luxury yachting industry.

What differentiates “Maya” is her unique configuration: she is the first P50 to feature two cabins, with a central full-beam master cabin and en-suite shower. Furthermore, unlike the traditional use of teak, Maya’s interior boasts a striking natural Oak finish, which enhances the yacht’s aesthetic appeal.

The broader-than-standard windows on the sides provide additional light.
This latest addition to the Pegasus Yachts collection is already creating high expectations for “Maya”.

For those eager to learn more about “Maya’s” journey from production to final delivery, a video has been released that captures the delivery process and the yacht’s finishing touches, promising an inside look at the meticulous craftsmanship and design that gave birth to this masterpiece.

Yacht enthusiasts and connoisseurs eagerly await the opportunity to admire the elegance of “Maya” in person and experience the opulence and innovation that Pegasus Yachts has brought to life with this exceptional vessel.

Watch the video 

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